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Conciever, Interviewer;
co-written by
Adam Ashraf Elsayigh

Memorial is a verbatim play that tells the story of the two Muslim families during and following the two mosque shootings that occurred on March 15th 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Memorial chronicles the impact of the shootings and systems of violence surrounding the events. Focusing on the friends and families of those who were lost in the attacks, Memorial engages with themes of migration, diaspora and the experience of otherness and xenophobia both within and outside communities.

Produced at NYU Tisch Mainstage: Festival of Voices (April 2022) LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (October 2021), The Juilliard School (November 2020), Kampala International Theatre Festival (2021), and featured as part of the Noor Theatre's 2020 Virtual Highlight Series. 

Part of New York Theatre Workshop's Adelphi Residency (June 2022), and finalist in Kendeda Competition at The Alliance Theatre (March 2023). 

To view a filmed version, contact here.

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an adaptation of John Fletcher's
The Woman's Prize, or the Tamer Tamed

There’s an old story we have all forgotten. Shakespeare’s infamous woman-tamer Petruccio has just remarried the sweet, demure Maria after he murdered his first wife, Kate.  Maria reveals quickly that she is not all he deems her to be, and through understanding her own nature, sets out to claim her legacy against his oppression.

A Woman's Prize utilizes song, Old Irish, and immersive storytelling as a radical investigation of legacy. This play asks us all to consider an alternative narrative in which women reclaim and reshape their mythologies, remembering the female names and stories lost to history.

Produced at NYU Abu Dhabi's Arts Center in April 2018.

View Trailer here.

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